Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR)
Three-Day Workshop on
Integral Counselling
(10th- 12th November 2017)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:- Through this experiential workshop, we wish to expose students and professionals in psychology to Integral Counselling. The technique of integral counselling is based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. In this workshop, the emphasis will be on understanding the entire gamut of consciousness, healing the psychological problems and disorders through a consciousness-based approach in oneself as well as the client. The aim of this workshop is to enhance self-awareness, discover limitations, and build the requisite skills through interactive sessions and self-reflective exercises. The topics for discussion would include:

A. Understanding the Self:

• An Overview of Indian Psychology
• Understanding Consciousness
• Planes and Parts of Being
• Concept of Ego
• Relationship conflicts
• Sexuality
• Insomnia
• Stress

B. Understanding Problems and Disorders through Integral Perspective:

• Disorders of Self: Low self-esteem, Disintegration, Poor self-control
• Anxiety Disorders: PTSD, Panic, Obsessive Thoughts
• Depression: Suicide, Pessimistic Thinking, Hopelessness, Meaninglessness
• Childhood and adolescent problems
• Aggression and violence

C. Skill Development: Exercises and Techniques

• Self-observation and reflection
• Dealing with outer and inner resistance
• Working with thoughts and emotions
• Developing aspiration and will
• Use of art and aesthetics
• Handling failures and setbacks
• Building faith and surrender
• Integral living: Moving towards wholeness and fullness

The speakers are experts with rich experience in Psychiatry, Education, Counselling, Clinical Psychology, Academics and Integral Yoga. The speakers include:

1. Dr. Alok Pandey is a psychiatrist practising at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. He is an editor of NAMAH and has authored several books, research papers and articles on Integral Yoga and Indian Psychology. He is also a member of SAIIIHR- an institute dedicated to the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo in the field of health.

2. Ms Neeltje Huppes is presently teaching in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. She has been a founder of a research centre on Integral Education and has worked to revamp education in both Netherlands and India. She has several publications on Indian Psychology and Integral Yoga to her credit.

3. Dr. Falguni Jani is a counselling psychologist and teacher with special interest in adolescent counselling, marital conflict, and school counselling with 25 years of work experience.

4. Mr. Pulkit Sharma is a clinical psychologist in private practice. He has been working with individuals suffering from psychological problems from a spiritual perspective. He has authored several research papers and articles on Positive Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Integral Psychology and Spirituality. He is a regular columnist with The Speaking Tree and Life Positive.

Venue: SACAR, 39 Vanniar Street, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry, 605102
Fees including residence at Guest House: Rs. 3000; for non-residents: Rs. 2100.
Mode of Payment: DD/Cheque/Bank transfer in favour of SACAR Trust.
For Information contact: Dr. Falguni Jani (9824092685), Mr. Pulkit Sharma (9811483873)